The Chair Degree for the presiding Officer of a Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America. The Degree is usually conferred on the newly elected Sovereign Master by the Council’s Past Sovereign Masters at the close of Council meeting of the Sovereign Master’s election, though some Councils have a separate, formal installation. The Degree relates part of the Solomonic legend concerning the Queen of Sheba and members of the Craft.

The Jewel of the Grade is the insignia of the Allied Masonic Degrees surrounded by a laurel wreath, both in gold, suspended from a green ribbon at the throat, or a white ribbon on the left breast.

The Apron of the Grade is white, bordered green with yellow trim, with the insignia of the Allied Masonic Degrees on the flap, and the jewel of a Master of the Blue Lodge, in green and yellow, centered on the apron body.

Information on the degrees was found on the Grand Council Allied Masonic Degrees website